For 15 years, the company produces high quality AMIWA water pumps for cars. Wide range of products , fast delivery, modern production technology and high quality makes it all AMIWA leading manufacturer of water pumps for cars.

Accuracy, quality and reliability are important pillars of success AMIWA. Therefore, water pumps AMIWA firms worldwide have received the highest rating as parts having first class quality.

The main objective of any water pump is cooling the hot areas around the cylinder head and the engine. Cooling of the refrigerant occurs by propagation through the motor and return it to the radiator where it is cooled again. For malfunctions in the cooling system , the engine begins to run at high temperatures, which eventually leads to engine damage.

The main difference AMIWA pumps water pumps from other manufacturers is that the pump company AMIWA withstand enormous axial and radial loads . This achievement is the result of use in the production of high quality bearings . In addition, all pumps are equipped with hardened spindles AMIWA that gives them great reliability. Image bearing housings allows the use of bearings with a greater bearing capacity , which in turn allows many times to enhance the durability of the pump.