Filters «AMIWA» produced in Korea manufactory, which made ​​filters «Mobis», is the official supplier to the assembly lines as automakers Korea, and the spare parts market.

Filter «AMIWA» made ​​by well-proven European type (Mann, Fram) . Differs reliable relief valve and a spring-loaded check valve . Which in turn eliminates the cold start " dry " and increases its life.

Filters «AMIWA» for imported cars are more clear dispersion of motor oil on the area of the filter element that affects more effective cleaning " main parts " of your car.

In filters «AMIWA» used paper made also in South Korea by the most modern technology.

Products on the market «AMIWA» and primarily focuses on the quality and pricing of goods. In the filters on the European and Korean cars are necessarily present a spring-loaded check valve. Vacuum packaging has a protective corrosion during long-term storage. As well as the original individual packing.

Filters «AMIWA» provide the whole range of air, oil and fuel filters for passenger cars of the Russian and foreign production. Other products «AMIWA» certified.