AMIWA company successfully produces bushings, bushings, seals, polyurethane suspension for various brands (BMW, Saab, Toyota, Audi, Mercedes, Ford, Opel, Jeep Wrangler , etc.) and models of vehicles including SUVs and Trucks.

Application of polyurethane products used as components in the suspension of any car will ensure a long life , smooth operation of a vehicle with significant changes between +40 and -40 and more, significantly increases the resistance of the suspension to gasoline, diesel fuel, oils and chemicals (in the winter). Polyurethane parts in the suspension of your car is durability, reliability , and cost and time savings made by factory in Dallas, USA.

Appointment suspension arm bushings as Bushes, with which they are fundamentally similar in design - soft compound suspension parts between themselves or with the car body for damping shocks. This suspension parts and protects from damage and provides the comfort of the driver and passengers. 're Not insert the same broom in metal - then suspension would clang like a train, and the passengers would be shaking, as in pre-revolutionary car.

Rubber bushings or elements Bushes are of two types - solid rubber or polimer resins. Let's start with the more complex - with polimer resins. They are designed for greater comfort and smooth driving on perfect roads themselves, in principle, justify. However, when passing irregularities sharp acceleration or braking, on the inner metal sleeve have to load the sleeve with such a vector, which is different of that which occurs in calm movement. The central sleeve not only shifted relative to the hub axle, while maintaining its parallelism. Also present longitudinal (axial) and angle (PTO) loads.

As a result, the suspension arms polimer resins bushings or prone to cracking and leakage of fluid, resulting in deteriorated controllability of the vehicle - as it goes on ice. The solution is simple - instead of the original setting Bushes or leverage those in which polimer resins completely replaced by rubber.

However, simply replace with solid polimer resins on - it 's not all! We still have to make the design and shape of the rubber component of natural rubber provide the same comfort as polimer resins. And from the standpoint of reliability of a simple replacement by itself does not solve much. The fact is that if the bending folds are formed of rubber, it is in these areas quickly burst.

There is another common problem with all the rubber bushings. When the car is on the ground, link is in the normal position. When the lift car lift, wheel hung in the down position, the lever in this position and change. And then put the car on the ground, the lever returns to its normal position, and tires in the sleeve is twisted. And when the wheel gets a decent pit, then when checking out and suspension compression to its highest position - rubber sleeve detached from the metal. To solve these problems, the company uses computer modeling AMIWA rubber parts and calibrate sleeves.

When developing a fully rubber bushings part AMIWA used computer simulation models to calculate a form in which the rubber bushings will not wrinkle, forming folds and uniformly compress and stretch. After all, if the rubber is "chewed", then quickly crack.

Calibration - a complex, but very effective method. If you just pour into a sleeve or arm between the sleeves Hob liquid rubber, then when it cools formed stretching under adverse road conditions conducive to separation of rubber from the metal. Therefore, the outer sleeve is originally 5 mm longer required size, and after casting the rubber is compressed. Thus, the rubber sleeve slightly compressed, which improves its adhesion to the metal and allows the stock to stretch parts at locations opposite to the direction of displacement of the central hub sleeve.